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Exploring Islamic Studies at Waring by Michelle Ramadan, Edith Fouser, and Joan Sullivan

By Joan Sullivan on Apr 12, 2021 9:28:33 AM

In the months of January and February, students in Groups 2 and 3 in Monotheism and The Middle East course studied Islamic history and literature. Students read poetry by Sufi poets Rabi’a al-addawiyyah, Rumi, and Hafez, and reflect on the poetry’s mystical themes of divine love, separation, the self, self-annihilation, asceticism, and transcendence. 

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Featured Artist of the Week: Keanu Prescod

By Rick Wilson on Feb 22, 2021 2:11:21 PM

The Art Department is pleased to present our first Featured Artist, Keanu Prescod, Class of 2022. Keanu has been working with spray paint as a medium, exploring its myriad possibilities.

Topics: students art
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Lifelong Learning in Practice

By Becky Schaeffer on Jul 10, 2019 8:25:54 AM

"[The act of watercoloring] made me wonder how this active demonstration would translate to mathematical problem solving and talking through worked out examples this way on a white board." 

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Framing the Waring Experience, by KB Breiseth

By Waring Faculty on Dec 7, 2018 5:02:15 PM

All artists know that it is the limitations that create art. By narrowing our focus, the world, somehow, seems to expand. This is why our students use viewfinders to frame a more digestible piece of the abundance that surrounds them, and why using only black and white can open their eyes and provide access to the visual complexity that gives structure to everything. Limits create challenges, challenges beget creativity, creativity bestows gifts both unpredictable and limitless. These gifts are not always objects or ideas or connections to keep, but they move us forward, propel us towards the next – possibly wondrous – thing. Paradoxically, it is structure that can offer us tremendous freedom.
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All School Activity: Collaborative Drawing & Listening Session

By Admin on Dec 7, 2018 2:04:40 PM

Recently, during the afternoon following Grandparents & Special Friends Day, the students gathered to clean campus after our big event, to talk about the importance of kindness, and partake in an activity that allowed them to explore a type of art they don't often generate.

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