Debate Society

The Waring School Debate Society is an opportunity for students in grades 8-12 to participate in the National Speech and Debate Association. Waring debates at tournaments throughout the region, state, and country.


Waring School participates in Public Forum Debate, or PFD, as part of the National Speech and Debate Association. In PFD, debaters argue either for (PRO) or against (CON) a monthly topic, presenting and weighing the costs and the benefits in such a way that any informed citizen (the judge) can make a decision. Public Forum Debate is not concerned with the implementation of certain policies, but rather analyzing what would happen in the world that the resolution is true and the world where it is false.

Waring debates at tournaments throughout the region, state, and country. As a member of the Debate team you have the option to go to as many or as few tournaments as you desire. The goal of the Waring School Debate Society is not merely competition within the world of PFD, but rather to help create informed and intelligent discussions both within the Waring community and outside of it as well.

Committed debaters will also have the opportunity to apply for Debate Winter Sport, an option from Thanksgiving until March break wherein students will combine debate research and practice with sports activities.

To learn more, please contact Debate Coach Tim Averill at