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“What a student learns in any subject should connect to other parts of their lives, personal and academic, both because we learn more deeply that way but also because such connections make life richer.”

- A Waring Teacher.

Open Positions

  • ESL and Learning Skills Coordinator

    Waring seeks a part-time Learning Support Specialist for the 2019-20 academic year. The ESL and Learning Skills Coordinator plays a key role on the Student Supports Team by filling the following primary responsibilities:

    - Coordinating action plans for students with Neuropsych Evaluations and IEPs (incoming students); facilitating teacher meetings and briefings on these plans;

    - Meeting with students and parents around action plans and serving as point-person for coordinating support for learning skills issues;

    - Supporting in-house tutors (ESL and academic support) with scheduling and facilitating appropriate lesson plans;

    - Some one-on-one tutoring in Study Skills, Writing Support and Executive Function;

    - Working with staff (Teachers, Tutors/Advisors, Social Worker and Administrators as appropriate) to address issues of learning skills and ESL needs;

    - Briefing faculty on student ESL and/or learning skills issues in Faculty Meeting and offering occasional trainings on appropriate strategies around classroom and homework design;

    - Occasional classroom observations;

    - Consulting with Admissions about prospective students;

    - Advising school leadership on relevant professional development opportunities, outside speakers, etc.

    Waring is a small community of motivated and eager learners. Although this is a part-time position, being part of the community is desirable and enhanced by participation in ancillary aspects of the program (Camping Trip, All-School Meeting) as reasonable. Time and days would align with the Teacher Holiday Schedule with appropriate prep as needed. There is flexibility in determining weekly schedule, depending on mutual considerations.

    The ideal candidate has experience and expertise in supporting students with learning differences and brings their own experience as a tutor to their work. Masters degree or above preferred.

    Waring School offers salary commensurate with experience and excellent benefits. As an equal opportunity employer, Waring seeks to increase the diversity of the community and is committed to maintaining an equitable and fulfilling workplace environment.

    To apply for this position, please send cover letter and résumé to positions@waringschool.org.

Waring School actively seeks to increase the diversity of its faculty and student body, and does not discriminate in employment practice with regards to gender, race, color, disability status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, religion, or national and ethnic origin. Waring offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits.