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“What a student learns in any subject should connect to other parts of their lives, personal and academic, both because we learn more deeply that way but also because such connections make life richer.”

- A Waring Teacher.

Open Positions

  • School Nurse: Fall, 2019

    As part of the Student Support and Administrative Teams, Waring’s School Nurse promotes and protects the health and well-being of the students and embodies the school’s mission through this work. This position requires care, strong communication skills, initiative, careful follow-through, the ability to work with a diverse population, and a willingness to uphold the core values and ethic of our school. The Nurse provides health assessments as an RN, communicating with parents and faculty as appropriate, manages student health plans and the school’s online Magnus Health Records, and coordinates with key personnel at the school as appropriate, including other Student Support Staff and Athletic Trainer, the Director of Athletics, the Associate Head and Head of School, and the school’s professional health consultants off-campus. The Nurse reports to the Head of School.

    The Nurse’s role includes, but may not be limited to, the following:

     - Applies nursing practice to the unique needs of school-age individuals and groups at Waring

    - Follows state and local health practice statutes and administrative guidelines

    - Utilizes existing health resources to provide appropriate care of students

    - Administers basic health care and First Aid for the purpose of providing appropriate care for ill and/or injured children.

    - Serves as a medical resource and health advocate for students and staff

    - Provides supervision in accordance with state regulations for any staff or chaperone(s) working with students on or off-campus who may need to give medical assistance to students

    - Assumes the responsibility of appropriate health assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, management and referrals for students

    - Plays a key role in identifying health concerns and treatment measures, providing instruction, counseling, and guidance in the maintenance of good health practices and disease prevention

    - Administers over the counter medication and medication with doctor’s orders included, supervising prescribed medical treatments and medication administration

    - Provides assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, management, and referral for appropriate medical care of students with acute/chronic health conditions and in emergency situations

    - In collaboration with the Athletic Trainer, oversees all aspects and components of the Health Office and emergency/medical equipment for school use

    - Works with others in the School’s administrative team to implement and update the School’s Emergency/Crisis Response Plans

    - Assists in the development or revision of policies, procedures, and work standards for the school health program

    - Monitors compliance with current state immunization and health assessment requirements in auditing student records, compiling information and submitting reports to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health on topics of vaccination, prevalence of asthma & diabetes, and screening results

    - Interprets student health care needs to families and school staff

    - Educates families through written communication and verbal contacts to encourage follow-through of health care referrals, including writing articles for the Student Wellness Newsletter

    - Educates students, staff, and parents/guardians regarding medication administration, medical procedures needed at school, acute/chronic illness management, prevention and control of communicable diseases, acute/chronic illness management, emergency care, and other health-related issues

    Requirements for this position include:

    - Up-to-date licensure in Massachusetts as an RN

    - A Bachelor’s Degree

    - CPR Certification

    Additionally, Waring’s ideal candidate has:

    - Certification to teach CPR

    - Experience in pediatrics and/or school settings

    Interested candidates are invited to send a resume and cover letter to:

    Tim Bakland, Head of School

  • Teaching Fellowship

    Waring’s mission - to creating and sustain a community of lifelong learners - invites us to develop the next generation of excellent educators.

    This one-year fellowship offers recent graduates, at either the Bachelor’s or Master’s level, the opportunity to explore the profession of teaching. Fellows participate in the culture of learning at Waring, whether in the classroom or in the community. Their responsibilities are threefold: they teach classes, coach sports or lead extracurricular activities, and assist with student enrollment and advancement. Opportunities for teaching range across our entire academic and athletic program, and are based on the needs of the school and the talents of the applicant.

    In considering candidates for the fellowship, we seek people who are passionate about ideas and cultivating a love of learning, regardless of previous formal teaching experience. In the interest of equal representation in the teaching profession, we strongly encourage applications from candidates of color. Though all applicants will be seriously considered, this fellowship is aimed to diversify the experiences and perspective of lifelong learners.

    Fellows are paired with a faculty mentor, are provided professional development opportunities, and give voice to the direction of the school in faculty meetings. Waring gives freedom to educators to be creative in the classroom in every manner, from lesson plans to designing your own elective course. Fellows are also expected to participate in our annual school camping trip, and have the opportunity to collaborate in the design and teaching of a two-week experiential learning "Endterm" course in June on varied topics of interest.

    Interested candidates are invited to send a resume and cover letter to: positions@waringschool.org.

Waring School actively seeks to increase the diversity of its faculty and student body, and does not discriminate in employment practice with regards to gender, race, color, disability status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, religion, or national and ethnic origin. Waring offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits.