All-School Meeting

Coming Together as Learners

A Time to Foster Community

Four days per week, the Waring community meets for 35 minutes for an All-School Meeting. After sharing announcements and recognizing recent achievements, we enjoy a focused time during which we may discuss global and community issues, listen to presentations by faculty, students, and guest speakers, or sometimes compete together in trivia games. 


New All-School Meeting Space

Craig Douglas takes you on a tour of the new passive house building on campus. The future home of our new All-School Meeting space.

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All-School Meeting has been an important part of Waring's program since the school’s founding, when students and teachers gathered in the original Grande Salle in Rockport. We continue this tradition today because All-School Meeting helps to foster a sense of community. We share experiences and develop a common vocabulary. Students, faculty, and guests now gather in the Polygon of the Forum to listen to announcements, participate in discussions, and read journal pieces. When faculty, students, or graduates give a presentation about a particular passion, they model what it means to be a lifelong learner. At All-School Meeting, we all come together as learners: a 6th grade student is not just learning from but speaking to and teaching the rest of the community. Thus, at All-School Meeting, all voices in the community are honored and validated.

Kristin Breiseth

All-School Meeting Coordinator