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Featured Artist of the Week: Keanu Prescod

Feb 22, 2021 2:11:21 PM

The Art Department is pleased to present our first Featured Artist, Keanu Prescod, Class of 2022. Keanu has been working with spray paint as a medium, exploring its myriad possibilities.

Keanu shares, “I’ve been experimenting with spray paint for about a year. Since quarantine began, I’ve been trying to rediscover what life was like before quarantine, and one of those ways is through making art. I have been discovering many different way to use the spray paint, and recently I have been trying our different imagery with the spray paint.”


Keanu_Across the Galaxy


Keanu_Across the Stars

Keanu_The Feeling of Winter

Keanu_Hidden in the Mist

Keanu_Frozen Lines


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Rick Wilson
Written by Rick Wilson