Camping Trip

Where the Waring year really begins


Four-day Journey into the Outdoors

Camping Trip is much more than a simple Waring tradition. This four-day journey into the outdoors is where the Waring year really begins. Students and faculty live in cabins as a Tutorial, eat meals together, engage in community service, and partake in spontaneous activities. The trip is an entrée into what we are and who we are in any given year.


Camping Trip – A Waring School Tradition

An integral part of the Waring experience since the first Camping Trip in 1974.

Photo Highlights

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Waring Faculty and Staff share some souvenirs from Camping Trip 2018:


"I smile to myself when I think about our Tutorial laughing and playing a fun fact-guessing game in the cabin while it rained – it was the best way to get to know each other!"


I always love camping trip. Whether it’s catching that North Woods sunset in the 5 minutes between dinner and Nick Page, whether it’s noticing how many more stars there are when you’re really in the dark, whether it’s cheering on the Cross-Country runners as they descend into Wolfeboro after 6.3 miles – I would happily exist on camping trip far beyond our short 4 day trip.


"Oh, how marvelous to work in a place that provides the space to be lying in the dark under a clear and expansive night sky, stargazing and pondering the immensity of our universe (and how small we are within it) with a thoughtful and articulate 7th grader. In that moment we are in it together, learning from each other and our rich, vast surroundings."


"Yes it was hot as all get out, and there was rain, and when I looked at the kids on Thursday afternoon they had positively melted, but my takeaway is how welcoming our current students were to our new students. Having the luxury of time to explore craft, experiment, and get to know each other is really a gift. Our ensemble ebbs and flows over the course of a year, and it’s so gratifying to begin from such a place of warmth, strength, and shared vision."