Camping Trip

Where the Waring year really begins




Camping Trip – A Waring School Tradition

An integral part of the Waring experience since the first Camping Trip in 1974.

Edith Fouser '95

Camping Trip Coordinator


Four-day Journey into the Outdoors

Camping Trip is much more than a simple Waring tradition. This four-day journey into the outdoors is where the Waring year really begins. Students and faculty live in cabins as a Tutorial, eat meals together, engage in community service, and partake in spontaneous activities. The trip is an entrée into what we are and who we are in any given year.

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What to Bring

  • A (non-microwaveable) bag lunch for the first day, including drink and snack.
  • Several face masks. 
  • A refillable water bottle.
  • A flashlight - please don’t plan to use a cellphone as a flashlight (see below).
  • A wristwatch and/or alarm clock - again,  please don’t plan to use a cellphone to know the time.
  • A sketchbook (preferably 8 1/2 x 11, spiral or bound).
  • A notebook, pencils, pen, and eraser.
  • A book to read, for down time.
  • The all-school summer reading book,and your notecard on the book (There is a sample notecard included with the Summer Reading Lists HERE.)
  • A sleeping bag, toiletries, insect repellent, sunscreen, flashlight (with fresh batteries), and towel (a modest-sized pillow is fine if you can't sleep without one). Mattresses are provided, but not bedding.
  • Camp clothing, including jacket or sweater, long pants, shorts, sneakers, flip flops/sandals, rain gear, and swimming suit.
  • Athletic gear for fall sports practice (soccer or running shoes, shin guards, and clothing appropriate for sports). Other sports equipment is optional.

Please don't bring more stuff than you need for the four days: limit yourself to one soft-sided bag in addition to your sleeping gear. Please label your belongings, particularly sports equipment and items such as jackets.


What Not to Bring

  • We strongly recommend that students not bring their cell/smartphones. If they are brought, they should be turned off and not used except in cases of emergency. Again, to send messages to students, please call the Waring office: 978-927-8793.
  • Any other electronic devices such as music players, laptops, tablets or e-readers.
  • Hair dryers
  • Valuable personal items.
  • Chewing gum, extra food, candy, or soft drinks. There will be plenty of food, including snacks.

New Students Share Favorite Memories

From Their First Camping Trip

  • Camille, Class of 2023
    "'Strange, exuberant, ukulele-playing man in a Hawaiian shirt who comes and sings hippie songs.' That’s all the information that I had gathered from various people regarding the legendary Nick Page and his iconic annual performance. Frankly, I was scared. Walking to the Rec. Hall, I really didn’t have any idea what to expect other than the whole school breaking out in song. I didn’t expect that we’d be clapping our hands like maniacs while smiling like the Cheshire Cat. I didn’t expect to laugh like hyenas from the Lion King or that I’d learn that much or feel that much a part of a Waring tradition. Singing and laughing and crying and smiling as a school, a school that I was so nervous to get to be a part of but has this huge sense of overwhelming community. It felt like I finally belonged. Thank you, Nick Page, for helping create a night of making me smile until my cheeks hurt, of making me expose my ugly laugh, of making me clap until my hands turned red, of making me walk in circles singing from my heart, of making me feel a little more like I’m in a place I belong in."
  • Una, Class of 2026
    "My favorite part of Camping Trip was doing night yoga on the dock. I did this with most of my tutorial, and we had so much fun. We could see the stars and we had only a few flashlights and the light of the moon. We could hear the waves crashing against the dock and distant chatter from people."
  • Henry, Class of 2025
    "One of my favorite memories on Camping Trip was tutorial time. It was just fun to relax and talk with everyone–anything from stargazing to trying to name 100 languages and eating Starbursts. We would sit on the dock discussing our favorite shows and movies. Another one of my favorite memories was sports (despite the hill). It was nice to have two hours to run and release energy."
  • Wilhelmina, Class of 2026
    "Going camping for the first time with Waring was amazing. There are so many great memories like listening to Harry Potter read aloud by Francis or playing gaga ball or even eating with everyone. But my favorite moment was gazing up at the stars. When I was looking into the sky, I felt like I was in my own world where I had nothing I had to do and nowhere I had to go. It also brought back memories of me looking up at the stars before. In the few moments of almost silence I felt especially calm, letting all my worries float up into the air, stars dancing in the sky."
  • Carter, Class of 2022
    "My favorite part of Camping Trip so far was the stuffed shells. If I’m being honest, they were probably the best pasta dish I’ve had in awhile. Also, the meatballs that came with the shells were also pristine. It was a great first meal to have with my tutorial and a great start to Camping Trip."
  • Natalia, Class of 2025
    "My favorite memory from Camping Trip was singing with Nick Page. We started to get the rhythm of the songs. Then we rotated around each other with a certain spirit I’ve never felt before. Nick Page brought an atmosphere of hope and positivity. It’s like a hovering blanket around everyone near him. There are many people in the world, yet Nick Page could bring happiness for everyone."