Connect, Collaborate, Perform

Nurture Your Artistic Impulses

 At Waring, all students are exposed to theater as a means of developing skills of interpersonal connection, collaboration, and expression. Theater is a multi-faceted experience providing students opportunities to act, design, write, and mentor younger students as they gain confidence as performers, orators, and dynamic communicators.

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Elizabeth Gutterman

Theatre Director

Tiffany Soucy

Technical Director

Waring's Theater Program

Waring's Theater Program is focused on nurturing students’ artistic impulses and thereby enabling them to flourish in multiple performance roles and as confident lifelong learners who create fully realized and inclusive theatrical experiences.

Waring Theater is an ensemble-based program that encourages students to participate in multiple design aspects while simultaneously fully developing their onstage potential. Through exercises, improvisation, and scene study, students increase their range of physical and vocal expression.

The Theater Department has strong ties with Waring's Humanities Department and strives to produce plays that dovetail with the themes and periods being covered in the upper-level humanities courses.

The Theater Department currently produces multiple productions each year including:

  • a large-cast fall play
  • a collection of student-written plays drafted during the fall playwriting class
  • plays for Core Night
  • the Core Winter Theater production
  • spring Honors production
  • an annual musical for upper-school students


  • Core Theater Class
    Core theater introduces students to the fundamentals of theatrical experience. Students participate in multiple exercises designed to hone their skills as listeners, observers, and collaborators. Drawing inspiration from artwork, poetry, and folk tales, as well as their humanities readings, students create several plays and perform a selection of these during Core Night each November. During the winter sports term, students have the option of participating in the Core play, which often features a musical element. Our craft exploration resumes in the spring, when students read and analyze plays and then create and devise their own pieces.
  • Group 1 Theater Class
    Group 1 Theater builds on the foundations established in Core Theater. The course begins second semester and meets two periods each week as well as during allotted Group 1 humanities classes. Students participate in several character and ensemble-building exercises building toward a final production developed in collaboration with their humanities class.
  • Co-curricular Theater
    Offered during the afternoon sports period, Co-curricular Theater is ensemble-based and encourages students to fully develop their onstage potential while simultaneously requiring participation in all aspects of the production–including costuming, lighting, set design, and advertising.

    The Theater Department has strong ties with Waring's Humanities Department and strives to produce plays that dovetail with the themes and periods being covered in upper-level humanities courses. Recent productions include: Radium Girls, The Secret in the Wings, Sweeney Todd, Little Women, Mary Poppins, Arcadia, and Middletown.