Mathematics is a language for understanding our world. Through small classes, interactive lectures, problem-solving, and collaborative learning, Waring students study math content in order to compute fluently, analyze situations, interpret and model the real world, reason clearly, identify patterns and connections, and communicate, both in their written work and during class discussion.

Waring students complete a program of study in college preparatory mathematics, beginning with two years of middle school mathematics in 6th and 7th grade (Core), three years of intermediate mathematics with an emphasis on algebra and geometry in 8th (Group 1), 9th (Group 2), and 10th (Group 3) grades followed by two years of advanced mathematics with an emphasis on function theory, trigonometry, and data analysis in 11th (Group 4) and 12th (Group 5) grades. Advanced students are able to study Calculus at the Advanced Placement level and/or pursue an independent intensive course in mathematics. All students are expected to take mathematics for all of their years at Waring. Group 5 students who have successfully completed Precalculus, however, may petition for a Senior Intensive in another discipline. Students move through the program at a pace that is based on a thoughtful evaluation of their ability and their learning style.

Waring also has co-curricular opportunities for students of all ages interested in exploring problem-solving outside the classroom and participating in math competitions. Advanced math students have the opportunity to assist other students’ learning as Teaching Assistants or Math Peer Tutors. Advanced math students may also join Waring's Math Team.

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