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Sing and Perform as a Community

At Waring, we believe education is not complete without an immersive experience in music. Everyone sings in chorus and all are encouraged to study an instrument. Music Theory is a required course, and students are given numerous opportunities to perform throughout the year during Soirées, Coffee Houses, All-School Meetings, and other events.


Waring School Music

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  • Music Lessons
    The private lessons program is unique at Waring. As part of their tuition, students may take an instrument lesson with one of our many instructors (about 15). This program is supported and encouraged by the full community and regular classroom teachers make allowances for students to miss periods for lessons on a rotating schedule. Students have many performance opportunities as soloists and ensemble players. Increasingly, students have taken part in the Districts and All-State/Nationals program where Waring has enjoyed great success recently.
  • Music Classes
    All students in Core (Grades 6 and 7) and Group 1 (Grade 8) are required to take a music course. Core (Grades 6 and 7) classes are part of the partial immersion program. Students in Group 1 and 2 (Grades 8 and 9) study the basics of music theory, ear-training, composition, and sight-singing. In addition, all students listen to selections from different musical periods and are taught to identify the key characteristics of the baroque, classical, romantic, and modern eras.
  • Choral Music
    Choral music is a vital part of Waring's Music Program. Students in Core (Grades 6 and 7) sing together twice per week in the Core Chorus. All students in Groups 1 through 5 (Grades 8 through 12) are placed in choral groups–boys’ ensemble, girls’ ensemble, mixed voice chorale, and an auditioned, mixed-voice madrigal group, each of which rehearses twice per week. A variety of repertoire is explored by each group, from folk to classical to contemporary songs. All-school songs or projects are performed about once per year. 

    Throughout their time at Waring, students will have the opportunity to enrich their vocal experience by singing in several of these choral groups. Many Waring students take voice lessons, and especially motivated singers may audition for the Waring Madrigals, a select, 12-member ensemble.
  • Orchestral and Ensemble Program
    Playing together is not only enjoyable but actually a necessary part of playing an instrument. Waring offers opportunities for students to play in a variety of ensembles, from the Orchestra to the Jazz Band. In addition to these larger ensembles, there is, at any given time, several other smaller ensembles (trios, string quartets, vocal ensembles) all depending on available instrumentalists that semester.