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Waring Debate excels at Newton South Tournament

By Waring Faculty on 01/14/2019

Yesterday, at Newton South High School, Waring Debate competed in a Varsity-Only tournament in Public Forum Debate. It was Waring's first foray with the January topic: "Resolved: The United States federal government should prioritize reducing the federal debt over promoting economic growth."

At the end of five rounds of debating, two teams qualified for the Massachusetts State Tournament on March 30: Sasha Malley and Gareth Buhl as well as Anand Fedele and Julia Kautz. The attached photo shows Kautz and Fedele receiving their trophies from Newton South's coach, Josh Cohen.

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Journal Excerpts from the Arctic: Waring Teacher Spends Summer Conducting Oceanographic Research above Arctic Circle

By Waring Faculty on 08/13/2018

August 6:

"The ice in the area has brought a new spirit to the ship. We're no longer using auto-pilot, holding a straight course. The mates are weaving the ship through the ice like a slalom course at about 6 knots. On the occasion we do hit ice, the scraping noise vibrates through the ship and the vessel lurches to one side or the other.

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