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Waring Debate excels at Newton South Tournament


Yesterday, at Newton South High School, Waring Debate competed in a Varsity-Only tournament in Public Forum Debate. It was Waring's first foray with the January topic: "Resolved: The United States federal government should prioritize reducing the federal debt over promoting economic growth."

At the end of five rounds of debating, two teams qualified for the Massachusetts State Tournament on March 30: Sasha Malley and Gareth Buhl as well as Anand Fedele and Julia Kautz. The attached photo shows Kautz and Fedele receiving their trophies from Newton South's coach, Josh Cohen.

In a field of 200 debaters, three Waring debaters were in the top 15% of individual speakers: Mattie Knowles (22nd), Turner Britz (26th), and Quin Adams (27th).

Especially impressive were the performances of our younger debaters, all of whom won two of five debates for the day. They included Collin Keegan, Jordie Cornfield, Griffin Wells, Julie Durning, and Rowan Malatesta.

The team was supported by six parents who served as judges in the competition: Peter Durning, Peter Britz, Sunny Douglas, Lauren Marano, Christina Holz, and John Knowles. 

The team returns to competition next Saturday and Sunday at Lexington High School, with novice and varsity divisions along with New England District Congress where Phoebe Holz will compete in the Senate.

Recap written by Debate Coach Tim Averill.

Kautz and Fedele Debate (1 of 1)

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