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69 Students Medal on National French Contest, 2 Students Post Perfect Scores


The results of Le Grand Concours 2019 are in and impressive! Sixty-nine of the 132 Waring students who participated in the National French Contest were named national laureates. Two students posted perfect scores, leading the nation in their division.

Le Grand Concours is the National French Contest for students in middle and high school. This year 70,142 students were enrolled across the US. The competition uses authentic cultural material from a number of francophone countries and tests students’ oral comprehension, reading, and grammar knowledge. The contest places students in different fluency categories depending on their backgrounds to ensure fairness. It takes into account their levels of French, years of study of the language, and also family backgrounds. At Waring, four students were placed in the bilingual/bicultural category for their respective levels. The results of their performances were ranked separately.
This year, once again, our students excelled in the Grand Concours. Waring is proud to have 69 national laureates receiving 69 medals: 21 gold (95th percentile), 27 silver (85th or 90th percentile), 19 bronze (75th or 80th percentile), and 2 platinum medals for the highest score in a division!
Waring's friends in the Devereux-at-Waring Program were equally impressive, collecting medals and national laureate honors for every participant.
2019 Le Grand Concours Medals (1 of 1)

**Medal Recipients for the Regular Category**
Bronze medal recipients
FLES 2A:  Lola Prendergast, Eli Bayer
Level 01B: Matt Lee
Level 1B: Isabella Fedele, Jordie Cornfield, Kellen Martin, Maud Karambis, Nicholas Van-Alen, Owen Reimold
Level 2 B: Molly Cruickshank, Sophia Boyd
Level 3A: Anna Milendorf, Benny Weedon, Ilaria Bardini, Turner Britz, Ursula Siegfried
Level 4A: Elizabeth Tham
Level 5A: Sara Wheeler, Sarah Malboeuf
Silver medal recipients
FLES 2A: Zoe Waller
Level 01B: Eleanor Knowles
Level 1B: Ari Brzezinski, Ari Dimond-Putnam, Belle Leonard, Cecily Trowbridge, Chris Douglas, Collin Keegan, Gabriel Dowd, Lou Penaloza, Peter Hanna
Level 1A: Rowan Malatesta
Level 2B: Beatrix Karambis, Cordelia Rozmiarek, Elli Gile, Henry Younger 
Level 3A: Anand Fedele, Austin Dowd, Cecelia Russell, Clara Corcoran, Ella Bernard, Griffin Wells, Jack Martin, Maia Buxbaum, Will Stomberg
Level 5A: Madeline Boyd, Sasha Malley
Gold medal recipients
FLES 2A: Olive Lyons-Mclin, 
Level 01A:  Brendan Baxter
Level 1B: Alma Power, Ananda Corum, Grace Laverty, Olga Langman, Owen Cooper, Rowan Mulder
Level 2B: Cole Cunningham, Georgia Nourse, Gyani Wasp, Theo Cabot
Level 3A: Mattie Knowles, Sparhawk Mulder,  
Level 4A: Luna Schiller, Phoebe Holz, Swara Douglas
Level 5A:  Konrad Ellis.
Platinum medal recipient
Level 1B:  Julie Durning (ranked first in the nation)
**Medal Recipients for the Category with more Exposure to French**
Gold medal recipient
Level 01C:  Beryl Clarey, Elodie Lapointe
Level 5C: Chloé Hupin
Platinum medal recipient
Level 5C: Paul Taylor (ranked first in the nation)
2019 Le Grand Concours Platinum Medals (1 of 1) 
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