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Dolly Farha ’20 Organizes Toiletries Drive, Donates 100 Backpacks to Lifebridge Homeless Shelters


Earlier this month, junior Dolly Farha and Anna Marie Smith’s Tutorial delivered 75 backpacks stuffed with toiletries to the Lifebridge Homeless Shelter in Salem. Later, they delivered 25 more to Grace Center, another Lifebridge crisis shelter in Gloucester.

The content of the backpacks was collected and donated by participating Waring Tutorials.
Dolly founded the Backpack Project for Lifebridge in 2017, originally calling the initiative Restoring Dignity. That initial mission to help North Shore’s homeless community return to confidence still remains.

“Being able to hold something tangible in your hand and say, ‘This is mine,’ is life-altering,” said Dolly. “It changes the way you walk, talk, and think. It brings back your confidence. It restores dignity.”

In three years, Dolly has helped donate 225 backpacks filled with essential toiletries. Her hard work has boosted the confidence of many when they have needed it most.

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Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager