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Waring Debate Wins Lexington High School Tournament


Waring Debaters Alice Sullivan and Sasha Malley won the varsity division of the Lexington High School Debate tournament yesterday, competing in a field of 68 teams. They went undefeated throughout the tournament, and after five preliminary rounds, squared off against the only other undefeated team, Nightingale-Bamford High School from New York City. On a 5-0 decision of the judges, Alice and Sasha were the champions! Speaker awards in the varsity division (a field of 136 debaters) also went to Sascha Denby (10th) and Julia Kautz (14th). Richard Stewart & Sascha Denby, along with Alice & Sasha also qualified for the State Tournament.

In the novice division (80 teams and 160 speakers), Phoebe Holz was the 1st place speaker, followed closely by Swara Douglas, who placed 5th. Waring's novice teams of Phoebe & Swara, Arion Carraher-Kang & Tucker Smith, Mattie Knowles & Charlotte Smit, and Quincy Adams & Turner Britz all qualified for the State Novice Tournament.

Nineteen Waring debaters participated in the tournament, and winning the whole tournament at the varsity level, especially with such a clear win, made for an exciting day. Waring debate thanks our judges, without whose help this day would have been impossible: Sunny Douglas, John Knowles, Jill Sullivan, Stephanie Patrick, and Stefan Karlberg.

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