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Three Waring Students Named Globe All-Scholastic


Waring would like to congratulate Jared Wood, Elizabeth Patrick and Ella Bellin. These three outstanding student-athletes were named most valuable player for their respective leagues, earning them a spot as a Globe All-Scholastic.

“Jared is a center back in our system, and has a huge impact on every game he is involved in”, says coach Dana Bonjorno. For us, Jared is not only dominant in the air in the back, but he has four goals off of set pieces this year. Without question, every opponent we faced this fall is aware not only of his defensive capabilities, or his physical presence, but of his offensive abilities as well. Jared has been recruited and supported by the Colby Men's Soccer program and has applied early decision for the fall of 2018. Colby College play in one of the most competitive division three soccer conferences in the country (NESCAC).

Junior captain Elizabeth Patrick raised the team’s level of play every time she took the field this fall. Her passing, receiving, shooting and dribbling were first class, helping her to score 26 goals and 2 assists in 11 games. “Tactically, we gave her free reign to cover as much ground as needed offensively and defensively. She has exceptional vision, and she is a tireless worker – an athletic machine, with exceptional strength and stamina” says coach Eric Slack. Psychologically, as the leader of the team she stood out as poised and mature, as well as positive and steady. Waring Athletics is looking forward to watching Elizabeth’s perform as a senior.

Ella Bellin was unanimously voted most valuable female runner in the MBIL for the second year in a row. Ella began running cross country as a junior. In her first season, she demonstrated remarkable talent for the sport. She completed her first year with an impressive time (21:21) at the MBIL Championships at Gann Academy, and a 22nd place (22:25) finish at the NEPSTA Division IV Championships. This season, Ella was undefeated, often finishing close to a minute ahead of the next female runner. Despite the lack of female competition, Ella challenged herself all season long by setting personal time goals or choosing a male runner to stay with during a race. “Perhaps Ella’s greatest strength as an athlete is her unfailing dedication to the sport and to her team”, says coach Kyra Morris. This past summer she attended Green Mountain Running Camp, which helped her improve her form and pacing. She came back with strength exercises and race strategies to share with her team, which have helped not only Ella become a better runner, but her teammates as well.

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Manuel Sucre
Written by Manuel Sucre