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Waring Debate Posts Big Weekend


Waring Debate had a wonderful weekend with 23 students debating in two states. Locally, at Lexington High School, debaters had a regional competition at the novice and varsity levels. Three of Waring’s Varsity teams had winning records: Bobby & Charlotte (4W-1L), Sam & Liam (3W-2L), and Alice and Sasha (3W-2L). Also debating in Varsity were Jaita & Gabby, Alexandra & Grace, and Ilana & Julia.

On the novice level, Stefan had to debate alone (we call that Maverick), and he went undefeated (5W-0L) and took second place in the division. Gareth & Jackson (4W-1L), Anand & Laura (4W-1L), Aidan & Hunton (3W-2L), and David R & Henry G (3W-2L) all had winning records.

Speaker awards went to Gareth Buhl (3rd place) and to Stefan (9th place) in the novice division of 120 speakers. In the varsity field of 100 speakers, Bobby Malley placed 9th.

Halfway across the country, nearly snowbound in Chicago, Waring's Jack Kelly & Grace Panetta were testing their skills against the top 120 teams in the country at "The Glenbrooks," one of the premier debate events of the year. They had a good performance, gaining excellent experience to bring back to their classmates.

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