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Senior Pieces by Group 1

Jul 3, 2020 6:29:25 AM

Every spring Waring eighth graders pen fictional—often outlandish and whimsical—tales about members of the senior class. During the final week of school, they share them during All-School Meeting. Check out this year's excellent "Senior Pieces" below (including a special tale about two long-time Waring teachers who announced their retirement this spring).

Camping Trip 2019-63

Quin Adams by Theo Van Alen

Quin walked down the red carpet in his green timbs, purple camo pants, with a yellow collared shirt on top of a blue t-shirt, on top of a green sweatshirt, on top of a red rain jacket, on top of another blue t-shirt, on top of a grey sweater. All of these clothes he bought at Savers earlier that day. He strutted down the carpet as hundreds of photographers snapped pictures at him, trying to get the best angle for magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019-30

Ilaria Bardini by Matthew Lee

There was once an underwater kingdom called Atlantis, and in that kingdom lived a girl. She was one of the most beautiful mermaids in the whole ocean and her father was the king. She loved to go up to the surface and watch as boats passed by and birds flew around. But she also loved to go down in the deep sea and collect items from shipwrecks and bring them back to her cove. She often swam around and cleaned up the ocean with some of her fish friends and grabbed any trash she saw floating around. One day, she had wandered off towards the shoreline to try to spot some humans in their daily activities to see what they were like... Click here to read more!

Winter Concert 2019-6

Luca Barendsen-Rossi by Ari Bloom

King Luca sets out upon the vast land of the Seniors to find the holy drumsticks and become the Ruler of tutorial Bocce. The mighty king has drummed for years with basic drumsticks, and with basic drumsticks, you can only play basic songs.So the path to the ultimate jam sesh is getting the holy drumsticks. This is not an easy task, so King Luca knew that he must gather many brave warriors to get the holy drumsticks and be his high command on the round table. King Luca wanders many miles before he comes across his first enemy... Click here to read more!

Girls Basketball 20190215 (45 of 49)

Ella Bernard by Piper Judy

It was a quiet day in Fife, Scotland. The sun was just rising and the roads were basically empty except for a young lady who was holding a large iced coffee in one hand and a gluten-free sconce in the other. Her blond hair flew through the wind as she ran to open the Art gallery on the corner. After opening the shop she saw that the mailman had dropped off the morning newspaper. She picked it up, and gasped as she saw that the front cover stated in bold letters. “ALL MEMBERS OF ONE DIRECTION HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED!” ... Click here to read more!

XC 2019-72

Turner Britz by Alex Brevde

My friends. We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of our good friend and lax bro: Turner Britz. He lived a good life. Filled with adventures, water drinking, sports, photography, and juice cleanses. But, I’m sure you’ve all realized by now that he is no longer with us. Last month, Turner went missing on his trip back to Hawaii. Though this is tragic, we do have some recorded journal entries that I will use to piece together a story of his last days with us... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019-25

Maia Buxbaum by Matthew Lee

Award winning artist Maia Buxbaum just released her new album called “Grape-aid”, this album comes with twelve complete songs and they are all about her childhood. But today we will be talking about her favorite picks from her album. The first song is called Can I Please Have Your Food?. This relates back when she was enrolled at the Waring School, and she would always go around and ask for food from all of her friends. No matter if the meal was a lunch or just a snack, she would somehow end up getting some of it, if not all. Some people questioned why she never brought her own food, but that didn’t stop them from giving her some of theirs... Click here to read more!

Winter Concert 2019-156

Swara Douglas by Tyler Hylton

"Alright, so here are her records and any sort of information that you might need before the questioning." He read the list out loud so the other three officers could hear. "To start she was a star athlete of soccer and lacrosse in high school and has continued to play through college at Middlebury. She has continued to play sports and started a small club for soccer and lacrosse," he read slightly impressed. "She likes to spend her free time painting and drawing and learning new forms of art. She kept it all to herself until one day she decided that she wanted to share what she had been doing with the world," he continued reading, getting a little confused. "Wait, this just seems like a list of accomplishments where is her background in crime or some sort of tragedy, or has she done anything like this before at all?" ... Click here to read more!

Camping Trip 2019-81

Austin Dowd by Elodie Lapointe

Today we have gathered to honor the lifetime achievements of a truly remarkable person who has changed the perspectives of people everywhere. This woman has shown that passion and equality come first. Every year, she grows more as a leader. She slays ignorance wherever it may lie. She is a math whiz, computer programmer, and a fabulous, feisty feminist. She has done considerable work with the Illinois ACLU in Chicago, eventually coming to head the organization for a period of time. Her work in environmental preservation and engineering has redefined the fields and opened up opportunities for women worldwide... Click here to read more!

Fall Play 2019 Shakespeares Sister-76

Dolly Farha by Ari Bloom

Breaking News! Attention people of the U.S. of A (except the state of Missouri but we’ll get to that later)! We are sorry to interrupt your Disney Plus viewing, but we have a criminal on the loose. Aided by her child Maud Karambis, Dolly Farha has been accused of blowing up the entire state of Missouri. As for now all evidence points to Dolly being a mass murderer and a criminal mastermind. "Dolly is a wonderful student and person. She is always so present, and sincere, and just fun to be around!” says Anna Marie, her tutor. "She would never do such a thing.” Also, Mason Johnson, one of her old friends claims, “It was probably her alter ego, Billary Blinton, as the crime happened late at night.” One very helpful interview was from her one-eyed cat Joey who had some very insightful things to say. “Meow,” says Joey. Ah, what a smart, and amazing creature. Dolly’s motives are unclear, but experts believe that it was to prove the haters wrong, and that she was actually born in the state of Kansas and not Missouri... Click here to read more!

Winter Concert 2019-107

Anand Fedele by Elodie Lapointe

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Anand Fedele, world renowned piano player, Nobel Prize recipient, and curer of COVID-19 was killed in a tragic piano accident. Thousands of adoring fans tried to save him, but it was too late. Anand is widely known as perhaps the greatest human to have ever lived due to his great achievements, but it’s important to remember where he came from. Today, we’ll be looking back on how the master pianist saved the world from Coronavirus... Click here to read more!

Camping Trip 2019-50

Ben Hanna by Charlie Pound

He is a man of many talents. His acts and death-defying tricks have got him fame all across the globe. He broke the billboard when he dropped his hit single about his days at the gym. His wonderful style and outgoing personality have made him liked by all. He loves shoes with some personality and enjoys customizing clothes he finds at his favorite store, Savers, to give them his own personal flare. His fame led him to create a fashion line called Beyond Reconstruction. The main traits of his clothing are both outgoing and practical. In the limited releases of the clothing, one piece made out of white material with two-meter long sleeves sold for almost 2 million dollars each... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019-203

Sam Hoang by Tyler Hylton

We are coming back to you with more information about the new founder of MeMas, the app that lets you share your favorite memes with your friends with one button. The app also allows you to scroll through pages of memes you may have forgotten existed. It can also connect to most messaging apps so you can share memes with people who may not even have the app though now we doubt there is anyone without it. The creator of this app and former army general Sam Hoang is happy to inform us that there will be an update coming soon that will help new memes to be made but don't get too excited because it might be a while knowing his habits of procrastination. Sam thinks it is important that there is no shortage of memes for the public to enjoy. He has transformed the world of memes and we would all like to thank him for it... Click here to read more!

Convocation 2019-11-1

Phoebe Holz by Piper Judy

Once upon a time lived a witch named Phoebe and her one eyed cat, JoeyJoey. They found refuge with a woman named Dolly Osono, who owned a bakery in Paris. Phoebe worked for Dolly but also created a witch delivery service, with the purpose of delivering more sustainable products in a sustainable way. You might think that is a lot but when Phoebe was younger she used to multitask even more activities. In school, she was part of the yearbook committee, part of sustainability, and taught three classes. She basically worked for the school... Click here to read more!


Mason Johnson by Alex Brevde

It was a cold Tuesday night at the Cook County Jail. The sun had just set and the prisoners were getting ready to go to bed. They filed down the long halls and into their cells when all of a sudden, an alarm sounded and chaos began to unfold.

Shouts echoed through the halls as the alarm blared. After around 15 minutes, it shut off and the guards ordered everyone to go to sleep while they spoke.

“I can’t believe he just escaped,” stated officer Arianne Horan.

“How are we gonna catch him now?” said detective Alexander O'Connor.

“Should we even bother though?” asked Anna Millendorf, the third guard as the other two wandered off defeated.

But outside of the prison, things were only getting crazier... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019-13

Annabel Judy by Ella Knowles

Everyone knows her. Everyone wants to be her. Her face is on billboard after billboard. She has become a household name in just a few short months and she’s known around the world for her amazing Just Dance skills. Everywhere you walk, you’ll hear, “Annabel Judy this...,” “Annabel Judy that.” Everywhere she goes she is mobbed by enormous crowds of people trying to get her picture or an autograph.

“Annabel Judy may be one of the best things to happen to this world.” says Henry Younger, a close friend of hers from High School... Click here to read more!


Maddie Jutras by Sarah Patey

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle on a hill. The castle was made of purple bricks (one of the main exports in this kingdom) and had many towers and windows. The well kept stables next to the castle were filled with beautiful horses, and cute animals came from all over the Kingdom to stay in them.

Inside the castle were many magical rooms. One was filled with each and every Disney movie, along with stuffed animals of the characters from Finding Nemo. Another room was a dog lounge that was home to her two dogs, Branson and Lady Mary Crawley.

One room was totally devoted to Celine Dion- not Celine Dion themed, that’s just where she stayed when she came to visit the princes, which was very often... Click here to read more!

Winter Concert 2019-2

Anna Milendorf by Sarah Patey

“As the bachelor prepares for the biggest night of his life, let's meet some of the contestants.”

“Hi, I’m Anna and I’m 24 years old. I went viral on the internet and for the video of my hair catching fire on a birthday cake. The day after it was posted I got 170 million followers, so I guess it was a blessing in disguise... Click here to read more!

Core Play 2020-51

Sarah Obeng by Ella Knowles

“And we’ll be right back after this commercial break!”

The screen flickers for a second as it switches to a short video advertising the iconic Fuzzy Jacket. Once the commercial is over, she walks on stage in her gorgeous one of a kind dress. Quickly continuing over, smiling she sits down in the chair. The cameras come back up showing off her beautiful smile as the entire audience screams and claps for her.

“Hi Sarah! How are you today?” the host, Ilaria says... Click here to read more!

Boys Soccer vs Landmark 20190921-4

Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui by Elijah Streb

It is a dark and cold night. A cloaked man slams through the door and into a dark parking lot lit only by a couple of flickering street lamps. As the figure reaches his car, another man comes bursting through the doors yelling, “Bakayaro! Get back here!” as he pulls out a gleaming silver locket rauncher. The man hugs the trigger and lets loose a massive fireball. The hooded figure jumps up, throws off his robe, and suddenly disappears in an instant. Or that's what you think. The scene cuts to a rooftop overlooking a city of tall lit up skyscrapers. Suddenly the cloaked man (who is cloaked no longer) jumps from the air to the roof, revealing his true identity: The Wasp. With the stolen object in hand, he glides from rooftop to rooftop down into a quiet street and enters an old red house. With his back to the camera, The Wasp walks down a dark hallway. He starts breaking into a run as he reaches the door, then disappears from sight. The scene then cuts to the room behind the door. Three men are around a lit table. They’re The Wasp and his trusty sidekicks: Will, his hacker, and Peter, his plan maker and ramen chef... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019 BW-119

Cecelia Russell by Claire Veenma

The door bursts open and Robine strolls through, taking her usual one o'clock bathroom break. But today is different, today Robine was going to the bathroom in the forum, not to her normal bathroom stop in the house. But someone wasn't suspecting a teacher in the bathroom at this time, she had studied all the teachers' bathroom breaks throughout her years at Waring. This was so she could plan for the best possible time to perform her TikToks. So when 12:55 rolled around she hurried out of her Humanities class with Joshua, to the bathroom. She slide her phone out of her super-secret TikTok fanny pack, the special holographic one from Savers... Click here to read more!

Classroom Shots 20200114-10

Luna Schiller by Sophia Loiacano

Actress Luna Schiller won an Oscar for her role in the short film “Eating peppers like apples...then drinking water out of them.” This hit short film featured many celebrities including Luna, Lana Del Ray and Timothe Chalamet. Here’s the moment it happened.

“And the Oscar goes to.... Eating peppers like apples...then drinking water out of them!” Luna walks up to the stage wearing a very nice red dress and black crocs. She gives a quick hug to the person that announced the award and proceeded to take the mic... Click here to read more!


Ursula Siegfried by Beryl Clarey

The remnants of the downpour earlier that day trickle down from the sky. Some people are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, clearly the locals, and others are wearing pants and a sweatshirt, you guessed it, the tourists. There was an error in installing the Irish summer so it comes as a shock to two girls who come from New England. But, right now, it doesn't matter, they are on a mission...to survive... Click here to read more!

2018 Camping Trip-63

Will Stomberg by Charlie Pound

Wilbo Saggins is an interesting hobbit. Like his friends, he loves to play hobbit games like lacrosse, basketball, and dancing, but he has one passion above them all; singing. When Wilbo arrived at his school he was a respectable looking hobbit. Even his hair was cut in the classic hobbit style. But soon he grew to an enormous height that towered over his classmates.

He liked to wear a cloak with the pattern sewn on upside down at his request, which he had obtained at a running race. He would sometimes do strange things like jump out a window and attack a brush like it was Smog the evil dragon. He would wear bright clothes, some of them that he even sewed himself and he would sing whenever he was away from his friends. His favorite song was Firework by his childhood idol, Katy Perry... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019-18

Henry Symes by Joe Lai

Henry watches many soccer games during his gap year. He also starts live streaming Wii bowling in July. There are thousands of people subscribed to him, because he is so good at it.

One day, when he ends the live streaming, he finds that his favorite rapper Mac Miller has subscribed to him and has sent him a private chat: “You are really good at this game, and I know that you love soccer and basketball. Do you want to come to my place and watch some games with me?” At first, he doesn’t believe it. Everyone knows that Mac Miller is dead. However, “Mac Miller” sends him the position of a restaurant and says ”Can you meet with me this Friday?” ... Click here to read more!

Winter Concert 2019-94

Betta Tham by Claire Veenma

"Oh yes of course, if you are having chocolate I might as well have some honey. Would you like any water?"

Oh no that is perfectly alright," although Betta was thirsty she didn't have any time for water, what a silly thing to do, drink water. Betta had a warm feeling being in this strange bear's house. Sitting across from him nibbling on her chocolate while he dipped his hand in a jar of honey. She felt like she belonged here, and that she was supposed to fall into this bear's home. So she sat and talked with the bear until it was time for her to go. This took quite a long time, the bear was long done eating but she had only begun to nibble on her chocolate. Finally, she and the strange bear climbed back out of the house, and the bear pointed her in the right direction home... Click here to read more!

Junior Trip 2019-34

Benny Weedon by Theo Van Alen

Benny was about to head butt the limousine but Ella held him back.

“Stop it, Benny, you’re going to hurt yourself!”

“I’ll be fine. I have a strong scalp. And anyway, if it does happen to hurt, I can just put some of my Lucas’ papaw ointment on.”

“Okay, But I don’t think you want to hurt yourself the day before your first premier lacrosse league game. I mean for goodness sake, you’re on the Whipsnakes! You should learn to take care of yourself, being a professional athlete.” ... Click here to read more!

Spring Concert 20190517 (80 of 127)

Peter Zhao by Beryl Clarey

He gives her a big hug as he is just about to board his boat.

"Don't fall asleep too long now!" she tells him as he laughs at her.

They say their goodbyes and he is off. The boy is wearing all black, black shirt and pants with white shoes. A large suitcase trails behind him packed with many clothes for the long vacation. He gets excited as he sees a wide seat in front of him. The cushioning is soft and nicely padded.

"These are the peaks of traveling," he whispers under his breath... Click here to read more!

Matt and Christiane-3

Matt and Christiane by Elijah Streb and Sophia Loiacano

Wonderful aromas fill the air of the large room. The fresh baked bread is pulled out of the steaming oven hot and fluffy. The baker smiles at his beautiful creation. He then looks up to see his prized poster of his ticket to the chopped grand finale. He takes pride in that poster and it reminds him of his big success on the show chopped. He likes having the poster in his kitchen so that he can be reminded of his victories every time he cooks something new. Meanwhile... in another kitchen in the heart of Paris, the other grand finalist sits at a table eating a beautiful plate of homemade macarons. She looks up to see her finalist poster just next to her window. She takes pride in her culinary accomplishments and knows that she can win the grand chopped tournament. No one has ever disliked any of her food... Click here to read more!

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