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World Champions! Waring wins top prize at First Tech Challenge World Championships


Waring School’s varsity robotics team. Wolfpack Machina, won the top prize (the Inspire Award) at the First Tech Challenge World Championships on April 22nd in Houston.


There are over 7000 teams that compete in First Tech Challenge, a high school robotics competition. The World Championship features nearly 192 of those teams. Waring’s team also came out of the competition with the highest ranking in robot scoring in the world and holds two of the top ten highest scores for the year.  They also were the Winning Alliance Captain for their division.  has the highest robot score in the world and won their divisional championship at the competition, as well as the divisional Inspire award, before winning the overall Inspire award for the entire competition.


Waring’s robotics program started in 2017 with a freshly redesigned makerspace. Since its inception, Waring robotics has won four state championships, qualified for World’s three times, set several world record scores, and won numerous other awards. 


Photo credit: Greg Power

In addition to winning championships, Waring’s robotics team places a high priority on outreach. You can read about the team’s fall outreach projects here, and this fall, senior Amelia Wyler ‘23 started 35 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) robotics teams in Rwanda, leading that country to its first country-wide robotics competition.  Wolfpack also started and mentored five FLL teams in Everett MA in order to help bring robotics to an underserved community and runs a robotics enrichment program at Centerville Elementary school in Beverly MA. You can watch a recent presentation on the team’s outreach efforts here

Photo credit: Greg Power

Wolfpack Machina is coached by Waring’s Science, Engineering, and Technology Department Chair Francis Schaeffer, himself a Waring Graduate of the class of 1992.

Go Wolfpack!

Becky Schaeffer
Written by Becky Schaeffer

Waring School's Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management