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Waring Students Lead Special Earth Day Programming



On Friday, April 21st, Waring's Sustainability Elective orchestrated a day of special Earth Day-related activities. For the third year in a row, to mark the occasion of Earth Day, there were no regular classes held. Instead, Rowan Mulder '23, Sarah Patey '24, and other members of Waring's student-led Sustainability Elective created an entire day of programming centered around climate awareness. Students signed up for activity periods focused on gardening, identifying nature, letter-writing for sustainable causes, planting trees around campus, off-campus beach cleanups, and much more.

The students also arranged presentations from two all-school speakers - Pete Christopher and Jon Grabowski (P '26). 


Pete Christopher speaks at Earth Day Special Day

Pete Christopher works with NOAA fisheries writing regulations with the goal of balancing the sustainability of our marine life with the well being of the fishermen. He gave a very informative presentation on this topic and answered many questions. Thank you Pete. 

Jon Grabowski is a current Waring parent and principal investigator at the Northeastern University Marine Science Center, studying the relationship between fisheries management and restoration ecology. He gave a wonderful presentation on his work in the field of marine science – thank you Jon for your contribution to the Waring community!

The day concluded with a grounding mindfulness exercise on the Mine Field; fortunately, the weather cooperated and brought us all some much-needed sunshine.

The celebration was Waring at its best, with students taking the lead and guiding each other through important talks and activities. The students organized the day from start to finish, creating a memorable and educational experience that their peers will not soon forget.




Becky Schaeffer
Written by Becky Schaeffer

Waring School's Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management