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Waring Teacher and Alumnus Collaborate to Make 3D-Printed Face Masks


Waring's three 3D printers are rarely silent while students are on campus and have continued to buzz even in their absence.

Francis Schaeffer, Waring's STEM Coordinator and FLL Coach of the Brickwolves, has kept the 3D printers in Waring's makerspace busy the past few weeks making face masks. Each mask takes about nine hours to print and another 40 minutes to assemble using instructions supplied by Waring alumnus Bennett Ahearn '03.

Francis Masks WIP

Earlier this month, Bennett was profiled by the Boston Herald for using his four 3D printers to produce face masks.

"Normally, I use my printers for selfish reasons and it feels really nice to use them for a greater purpose," said Bennett in the article. "It feels good to be contributing something while we're all asked to stay at home."

Bennett Ahearn 03

Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager