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Waring Students Visit Sagamore Hill Radio Observatory in Hamilton


Recently, Waring School’s Earth Science class visited the Sagamore Hill Radio Observatory in Hamilton, MA. Waring teacher John Wigglesworth said “I think it’s important for the kids to gain a perspective of the earth in relation to the sun and to understand that the sun influences the earth in more ways than light and heat.” Sagamore Hill is part of the 2nd Weather Group of the Air Force Weather Agency and is a functional component of the Radio Solar Telescope Network.

“It’s a pretty important facility. They monitor solar activity to try and anticipate solar storms that can take out electronics in satellites, affect astronaut and high altitude pilot health, and even blow up power line transformers. They especially work with the Air Force and Navy because they rely heavily on radio communications that can be affected by solar storms” said Tucker Smith, Waring 8th grader. Other locations in the 2nd Weather Group include observatories in Italy, Hawaii, and Australia.

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