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Waring Shines with 69 National Laureates in 2017 Le Grand Concours


The results of Le Grand Concours 2017 are in and are truly impressive with 69 national laureates out of the 150 students present the day of the contest.

Le Grand Concours is the National French Contest for students of French in middle and high school. This year 78,899 students were enrolled, across the US. The competition uses authentic cultural material from a number of francophone countries and tests students’ oral comprehension, reading, and grammar knowledge. The contest places students in different fluency categories depending on their backgrounds to ensure fairness. It takes into account their levels of French, years of study of the language, and also family backgrounds. At Waring, 3 students were placed in the bilingual/bicultural category for their respective levels. The results of their performances were ranked separately.

This year, once again, our students excelled in the Grand Concours. Waring is proud to have 69 national laureates receiving 69 medals: 21 gold (95th percentile), 32 silver (85th or 90th percentile), and 16 bronze (75th or 80th percentile).

Here are the recipients for the regular category:

Bronze medal recipients

FLES (6th grade): Alma Power, Chris Douglas, Kellen Martin, Olive Sauder, Peter Hanna, Rowan Mulder

Level 01A: Sophia Boyd

Level 1A / B: Ben Hanna, JP Penaloza, Quin Adams, Bella Lilly

Level 2A / B: Anna Milendorf, Arden Collis Puro, Dolly Farah, Henry Symes.

Level 4A: Laura Miller

Silver medal recipients

FLES (6th grade): Ellis Debby, Olga Langman

Level 01A: Georgia Nourse, Cordelia Rozmiarek

Level 1A / B: Anand Fedele, Ella Bernard, Ilaria Bardini, Mattie Knowles, Owen Debby, Tucker Smith, Auden Muchnik, Austin Dowd, Cole Cunningham, Cole Sauder, Henry Younger, Ursula Siegfried, Will Stomberg, Cecilia Russell, Benny Weedon

Level 2A: Maddie Jutras, Swara Douglas, Betta Tham.

Level 3A: Jackson Tham, Julia Natale, Richard Stuart, Sarah Malboeuf, Grace Symes, Sara Wheeler, Sarah Bradshaw

Level 4A: Autumn Buhl

Level 5A: Reid Bradshaw, Sam Lincoln

Gold medal recipients

Level 01A: Beatrix Karambis

Level 1A / B: Catie Nemeskal, Cecilia Russell, Clara Corcoran, Griffin Wells, Jack Martin, Jemma West, Spar Mulder

Level 2A: Gareth Buhl, Luna Schiller, Phoebe Holz

Level 3A: Eli Biletch, Ilana Frost, Sasha Malley, Alice Sullivan, Lily Wildrick

Level 4A: Sophia Béreaud, Lucy Sinclair

Level 5A: Jack Kelly

In the Bilingual category:

Gold medal recipients

FLES 2B: Amelia Wyler

Level 3C: Chloe Hupin, Paul Taylor

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