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Waring Reaffirms Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, Adopts Updated Diversity Statement


Last December, students in the Waring Inclusion and Diversity Alliance met to give input on Waring’s Diversity Statement. An updated statement would reaffirm Waring’s commitment to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

Several students wrote their thoughts down on notecards.

Konrad Ellis ’19 wrote, “We are committed to diversity at Waring because we believe in fostering a creative and analytical mind. We think it is important to have a community that is rich and diverse in interests, but more importantly, in identity…every voice has valuable contributions [to make to] our community, and we would like [each voice] to be heard, and learned from…we are striving to elevate the understanding and cultural fluency of everyone around, and in doing so, impact our own and the broader community in a positive way.”

Phoebe Holz ’20 wrote, “At Waring we strive to be lifelong learners. We cannot be lifelong learners if we box ourselves off from the variety of voices both in our own community and outside of it.”

After formulating their thoughts on the subject, members of the Waring Inclusion and Diversity Alliance brought the topic to the student body. They led discussions in small groups to gather more student ideas on diversity and inclusion.

The Waring Diversity Committee collected the student input, paired it with faculty contributions, and met to write an updated Diversity Statement in March. Led by Humanities Teacher Kyra Morris, the Committee presented a draft to Waring’s Board of Trustees in May. With the Board’s contribution and the input of Waring’s Head of School, the Diversity Committee adopted Waring’s updated Diversity Statement in June.

Waring is committed to furthering the school’s growth and development in diversity, equity, and inclusion and is proud to share the school’s updated Diversity Statement.

Click Here to Read Waring's Diversity Statement

Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager