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Waring Math Circle Starts New Season


Waring launches a new math team, called the Waring Math Circle.
The Waring Math Circle is a collaborative, inquiry-based, and problem-solving focused recreational mathematics organization. It is a place for students who are looking to learn more about solving familiar questions in unfamiliar ways, and students looking to make unfamiliar questions approachable.

WMC practices twice-weekly, during the lunch hour on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Waring School barn. The circle's head coach is Graham Rosby, a member of the Waring Math Department. Graham previously taught at the Payton Math Circle in Chicago, and has been participating in or coaching mathematics teams since 2004. His goal is to create an environment where students of all math abilities and interests can gather together and enjoy the experience of mathematical curiosity.

Currently, Waring Math Circle has about 20 students in the 6th to 8th grade group, and 10 students at the high school level.

For 6th - 8th grade students, Math Circle provides an opportunity for students to make friendships, prepare for contests and math leagues such as the Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts (IMLEM) and the AMC 8. The IMLEM meets occur five times throughout the year, and travel to competitions in the North Shore area.

For 9th - 12th grade students, the focus is on preparing for honors contests such as the AMC 10 / 12, the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME), and the monthly New England Math League (NEML). In the future, Coach Graham Rosby hopes the high school program could expand to participate in prestigious competitions including the Harvard MIT Math Contest, and the American Regions Math League.

Graham Rosby
Written by Graham Rosby