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Waring Debate Team Debates Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Food


The Waring debate team took on the topic of Genetically Modified Food (GMO) in two recent debates, winning many matches.

On Saturday, November 22, the Waring Debate Society had a record number of Waring Debaters and judges at the Lexington MA Tournament which attracted 220 debtors from 25 schools from New York and New England. Waring won two major trophies: Henry & Nat were 6th place team (of 110 teams, 220 debaters) with a record of 5W-0L, and Jack & Bobby were 15th with a record of 4W-1L. Every Waring debater won at least one debate.

Teams with winning records included Isaac S & Sam, Tristan & Liam, and Charlotte & Grace.

Our speakers in the top 25% were (in order of finish) Charlotte, Tristan, Grace, Henry, Jack, Bobby, Liam, and Linus.

Thanks are also due to our 11 judges, who worked very hard all day to make this a very special tournament: Kara Goodrich, Karen Kautz, MaxKelly, Tom Kelly, Bill Lincoln, Rick Malley, Nicie Panetta, Rob Stuart, David Stuart, Jill Sullivan, and Ben Younger.

We had great comments from our judges about even our youngest teams. Here's the full roster of teams:
Nat & Henry, Jack & Bobby, Charlotte & Grace, Isaac S & Sam, Kate & Linus, Alice & Sasha, Sascha & Tano, Sergei & Gabby, Liam & Tristan, Jaita & Aidan, Wren & Ilana, Jared & Hunton Gareth & Stefan, Richard & Julia K

December 6, 2014

Fourteen debaters from the Waring Debate Society traveled to Lincoln-Sudbury High School in Sudbury MA on Saturday, December 6 for competition in Public Forum Debate on the topic: Resolved - On balance, the benefits of Genetically Modified Foods outweigh the harms. The tournament attracted 200 debaters from 20 schools. At the end of five preliminary debates, the team of Jack Kelly & Grace Panetta had a record of 4W-1L and qualified for the quarterfinal elimination round (top eight teams). In that round, paired against the top seed from Newton South, Grace and Jack WON on a 3W-0L decision. Senior Isaac Stuart distinguished himself by winning 2nd place speaker (top 1% in the tournament). Also earning high speaker distinction (top 25%) were Henry Mitchell, Jack Kelly, Sam Lincoln, and Alice Sullivan.
Waring's entire team had excellent records for the day. The teams of Alice Sullivan & Sasha Malley, Isaac Stuart & Sam Lincoln, Henry Mitchell & Nat Lyman, and Tristan Horan & Liam Boyd all earned records of 3 W - 2 L. Our novice debaters - Ilana Frost & Richard Stuart and Stefan Karlberg & Sascha Denby - had strong records of 2W-3L in open varsity competition.
Judging for Waring School were Nicie Panetta, Jill Sullivan, Kate Harney, Rob Stuart, and Bill Lincoln.
Debate Coach Tim Averill ran the tabulation room throughout the day. The debate team now begins its research on the January topic: Resolved: United Nations peacekeepers should have the power to engage in offensive operations.

Tim Averill
Written by Tim Averill