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Waring Debate Shines Despite Snow and Ice


The snow and frigid weather did not prevent the Waring Debate Society from attending the Newton South Winter Festival Debate on Saturday, January 6 where they competed in open Varsity Public Forum Debate on the topic: Resolved – that Spain should grant Catalonia its independence.

The tournament included 96 teams (192 debaters) that each had four debates, leading to final elimination debates among the only 8 undefeated teams for the day. Sasha Malley & Alice Sullivan were among the undefeated and debated well (but lost) to an excellent team from Acton Boxborough Regional High School. Additionally remarkable was the performance of our other debaters who all won debates during the day. Earning records of 2W-2L were the teams of Clara Wang & Julia Kautz, Mattie Knowles & Charlotte Smit, Quincy Adams & Turner Britz, and Swara Douglas & Phoebe Holz. The teams of Anand Fedele & Jack Martin and Arion Carraher-Kang & Tucker Smith also had wins.

With 192 students competing, our top speakers included Alice Sullivan (13th), Sasha Malley (22nd), Swara Douglas (31st), Julia Kautz (32nd), and Anand Fedele (44th) to place in the top 25% of speakers at the tournament.

Waring Debate Society returns to competition at the novice and varsity levels at Lexington High School on Saturday and Sunday, January 13 & 14.

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