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Waring Alumni Combat Coronavirus


This week is World Health Worker Week, so today we thank the many Waring alumni who work every day to keep our communities safe and healthy. Here are a few of the many Waring alumni doing extraordinary things now to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

1 Pam Maslen 95

Pam Maslen '95 - Pam is a family nurse practitioner working with underserved patients in Washington, DC. In this photo, Pam is in her personal protective equipment getting ready to test patients for COVID-19.

2 Danna Doyle Park 87

Danna Doyle Park, M.D. '87  - Dana provides medical care at Mountain Integrative Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina.

3 Kay Sherwood 06

Kay Sherwood '06 - Kay is a registered nurse at Longmont United Hospital in Centennial, Colorado.

5 Ally Colarusso 12

Ally Colarusso '12 - Ally is a physician assistant at Transform Alliance for Health in Newton, Massachusetts.

4 Kimball Stewart 11

Kimball Stewart '11 - Kimball is an emergency medical technician working on an ambulance in Bishop, California, a remote mountain town in California's Eastern Sierra, where resources are limited.

Please continue to share your photos and stories with us at alum@waringschool.org.

Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager