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Strong Start in 2016 for Waring Debate


Waring Debate Society had a successful trip to Newton South High School on Saturday, January 9. Individual speaker awards in a field of 214 debaters went to Bobby Malley (2nd), Charlotte Bichet (3rd), and Gareth Buhl (30th).

In team standings, Charlotte and Bobby were undefeated (4W-0L) and the top-seed going into the final elimination debate. On a 1-2 decision of the judges, they lost the debate. This was the second consecutive tournament in which Waring Debate has been one ballot away from a championship! The teams of Alice Sullivan & Sasha Malley and Jack Kelly & Grace Panetta both had 3W-1L records in preliminary debates.

Also debating with solid performances were Henry Gribbell & Anand Fedele, Ilana Frost & Julia Kautz, Stefan Karlberg & Laura Miller, Sascha Denby & Tristan Horan, Sam Lincoln & Liam Boyd, and Gareth Buhl & Jackson Tham.

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