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The French Poetry Recitation Contest took place on Friday, February 6 2015. Our outside judges were members of the French Consulate in Boston, headed by Emmanuelle Marchand, the cultural attaché. The French department would like to thank them for their presence, their support, and the books they offered the winners.

The entire school gathered in the Polygon to listen to the 37 finalists who represented their French classes. This year again, judges were impressed by the quality of Waring students’ French.

Here are the winners:

Débutants: Owen Denby
Deuxièmes années: Konrad Ellis and Eleanor Tapping
Intermédiaires I: Sarah Bradshaw and Alice Sullivan
Intermédiaires II / III: Melissa Hollis
Avancés: Gillie Carlson and Bobby Malley
Francophones juniors: Paul Taylor and Chloé Hupin
Francophones seniors: Emma Taylor


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