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Debate Travels to Beijing, Finishes among Top Teams at International Tournament


More than 240 debaters participated in the AGD International Debate Tournament in Beijing, China. Three Waring students were recognized among the top-six performers, earning Speaker Awards–Julie Durning (6th), Jack Martin (5th), and Arion Carraher-Kang (3rd).

Finishing among the top 16 teams were five Waring duos–Arion & Jack, Phoebe Holz & Swara Douglas, Cole Sauder & Griffin Wells, Sophia Boyd & Bea Karambis, and Julie & Thomas Davis. Waring's eleventh traveler, Betta Tham, competed on a hybrid team and debated quite well but was not eligible for awards.

In total, the debaters will spend ten days in Beijing–debating, visiting sites, and experiencing Chinese culture.



Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager