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Waring School junior reporting for "Le Temps Retrouvé"

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Faculty Feature: Tiffany Soucy (By Theo Cabot '21)

By Theo Cabot '21 on 11/19/2019

Tiffany Soucy hurries from the booth to a stage window that floats slightly askew. As she runs down the center aisle, she grabs a student to steady the windowpane so she can adjust it. “Does that look right?” she says. “I’m not the best at seeing if it’s level. Hey, Mattie, is this level?”

It was build-day in theater, and tech week was only six days away and the performance two weeks out. A lot had to be done to get Shakespeare's Sister running smoothly. As the Technical Director of the show, it’s her job to oversee the set, props, costumes, and everything in the booth. She is one of the most important people in the theater. She keeps the show running.

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