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Waring School junior reporting for "Le Temps Retrouvé"

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Faculty Feature: Julie Nelson (by Jake Ulwick '21)

By Jake Ulwick '21 on 01/9/2020

As a student approached the board at the front of the class, a grin appeared on algebra teacher Julie Nelson’s face. As they worked, Julie remained thoughtfully silent. As the problem became complete, the other students began voicing their unprompted approval. After a moment, Julie asked the class; “Do we agree?” The class returned with an overwhelmingly supportive barrage of conformation. The student at the front of the class smiled. “The class agrees with you, and that’s a happy thing,” said Julie.

“I had always seen Waring as my ideal school community,” said Julie.  “When my daughter was here I thought Waring was doing education better than any other school I had seen or found.”

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