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Waring School Teaching Pedagogy: the first in a series of articles by our teachers

Just over a year ago, the “Waring Way Study Group” (a task-force of the Board of Trustees) commissioned a series of articles to be written over the course of a few years on elements of teaching pedagogy at Waring School — how our practices both build off of and inform best practices in the larger world.

Waring began in the 1970s as something of an experiment during the “free school” movement; but much of our practice and pedagogy borne out of home school roots has only been affirmed by outside research in the last decades as proven and effective among best practices in teaching. This series of articles by our teachers seeks to connect what we do at Waring — what we have long done and what we are still learning to do better — with research, writing, and practice all around us.

Why Waring?

Public school taught me how to learn, but Waring taught me how to enjoy learning.
- Jonesy '18