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MacEwen Settles in Nicely at Vassar


As a student at the Waring school, there is no choice but to be invested in your schoolwork and school community. MacEwen chalks up her ability to adjust so easily to being a student-athlete at Vassar to her years spent as a Waring student. Having a busy schedule at Waring definitely helped to prepare me to play lacrosse in college, says MacEwen.
I asked her what the lacrosse commitment during a typical year looked like being a student athlete at Vassar. In a nut- shell MacEwen says that in season they have practice for two hours Monday through Thursday and usually a game Friday and Saturday. They get to the locker room about 45 minutes before practice to get taped, stretch, and/or play wall-ball. Game days take up most of the day because they get food together as a team and get there really early to get hyped. If their games are away they take a bus early Friday and come back Saturday night. Sunday is their day off. They also go to the varsity weight room at least 2 times per week in season.

The out of season commitment, otherwise known as fall-ball in lacrosse, is scaled back somewhat, MacEwen says. “When we are out of season we have team lifts once a week and captain practices a couple times a week. Out of season is definitely less intense, but it is a nice balance to the in season schedule.”

When I asked Adele about adjusting to the demands of the game at the college level, she says, “For me, on the field has been learning to play at a much higher level. Everything is just quicker and much more aggressive. It is really fun though.”

I know from experience that coaches play a big role in the lives of athletes. Can you speak to the way in which your coach has helped make your experience playing lacrosse at the college level worthwhile?

“I think the coach of any program is the most important part. I loved the lacrosse program at Vassar because I loved the coach (Judy). Judy really values our academics and we have to maintain a certain GPA to play on the team. Her coaching style is impeccable on and off the field.”

In general, being a student athlete is a really big commitment says MacEwen, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. "My team spends so much time together between practice, games, bus rides, spring break trips- we just end up knowing so much about each other. My team is really an extension of family and my teammates are some of the smartest and strongest people I have ever met.”

Mike Kersker
Written by Mike Kersker

Waring School's Director of Athletics