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FTC Recent Victories


Robotics update from Francis, First Tech Challenge (FTC) Coach:
It was a great weekend for Waring's two FTC teams, Lupine Robotics and Wolfpack Machine.  Both teams competed in the Canton Qualifier.  Though both teams had already qualified for MA state tournament, they both played in their second qualifier, which is the expected and typical thing to do.  
Lupine ended the day by coming in first place by winning the Inspire Award.  It was wonderful to see the hard work they have done in outreach, internal development, and robot engineering, recognized.  Lupine came in second place during the morning qualifying rounds and so was entitled to pick their own alliance partner to play in the elimination rounds with them.  Lupine's alliance made it to the finals, but ended up losing to the alliance captained by Wolfpack.  It was an amazing finals in which Avery '26 and Dylan '26 drove Lupine's bot as they faced off against Wolfpack's bot driven by Owen '23 (Avery's brother!) and Chris '23.  See picture below!  
Wolfpack had a great day as well.  They were not eligible to win the Inspire Award, having already won it at another qualifier, but did end up winning the Think Award, which recognizes engineering process and excellence.  Wolfpack came in first place in the qualifying rounds and then led their alliance to first place in the robot game, beating Lupine in the finals.  Along the way, Wolfpack set two of the top ten scores in the world for the year, out of the tens of thousands of matches that have been played by the over six thousand FTC teams in the world.  Wolfpack also moved up in the world rankings to 5th place overall.  Take a look at the FTC stats page here.  
You can see a video of Wolfpack's highest scoring match of the day here
 Lupine and Wolfpack's robots with the trophies
The teams after the event
 The finals, in which Lupine faced off against Wolfpack


Francis Schaeffer
Written by Francis Schaeffer