Robine Vaneck

Associate Head of School, Junior Trip Coordinator

Meet Robine:
Robine is Waring's Associate Head of School. She also coordinates the school's Junior Trip to Europe each spring and has taught math and science during her time at Waring. Robine holds a BA degree in Anthropology from Stanford University and a MA in Education from Harvard University.

Robine says she enjoys her roles at Waring because students continually better her as a person. "I love working with young people - they inspire me," said Robine. "They keep me excited about learning, they teach me and I become wiser and a better person for my time spent with them. This school is the way it is because every adult here loves to learn, understands that good teaching must involve learning, is passionate and accomplished in their subject area, is courageous in modeling growth and vulnerability, and genuinely cares about their students and colleagues and the community we create together."

Robine's interests include playing piano, participating in sports, and traveling. She joined Waring in 2006.

Contact Robine:
(978) 927-8793 x228