Maureen Gedney

French Teacher

Meet Maureen:
Maureen is a native French speaker from Belgium who teaches in Waring's French Department. She is also the school's Grand Concours test coordinator and de facto travel agent, coordinating reservations for Junior Trip and the Angers Program. She holds a joint MA degree in French Literature and International Business from Edinburgh University, Scotland.

When Maureen first set foot on Waring's campus, she felt at home. "It had the same feel as the music academies I attended while growing up in Belgium," said Maureen. "Fundamental to Waring's essence is the belief that by teaching in a respectful and caring community that is created by teachers and students alike, we all learn, stimulate each other, and build a community that is as strong in social values as it is in its academic achievements.

"I simply love the organic way we teach French and other subjects as well, using guidelines of goalposts to achieve, but leaving it up to each teacher to adapt to a specific class's needs and interests, to inject his or her own teaching styles while inviting the students to make their own imprint on what and how we learn. No two years are ever alike, even if teaching the same subject. It is a huge privilege AND challenge."

In her spare time, Maureen enjoys gardening, drawing, writing, cooking, walking her dog on the beach, volunteering, reading, and traveling. Maureen joined Waring in 2003.

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