Class of 2024
  • Hometowns: Beverly, Arlington
  • Time at Waring: Six years
  • Favorite Class: Humanities or Art
  • Favorite Waring experience: Probably playing on a boys' team (boys' varsity in lacrosse) for the first time in my life. It was just overall a super fun experience.
  • Why no grades: Because I’m not so hyper focused on a letter but more so the actual feedback from my teachers and it helps improve my overall skill when it comes to different subjects.
  • Favorite book and/or film: Star Wars because it’s just a beautifully written storyline and it’s something I’ve been watching ever since I can remember.
  • Our community: It’s just a super welcoming community and all the teachers have such a good connection with each individual student which makes learning so much better as well as benefits progression with the academic curriculum.