Edith Fouser

Science Teacher, Math Teacher, Writing Teacher, Cross Country Coach, Camping Trip Coordinator, Tutor

Meet Edith:
Edith teaches in Waring's Math, Science, and Writing Departments. She also coaches cross country and coordinates Waring's annual Camping Trip. Edith holds a BA degree in Geology from Colorado College and a MS degree in Geology from Queen's University. 
For six months after college, Edith worked at McMurdo Station, a research center on Antarctica. She is a Wilderness First Responder and a former instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School.

In part because of her own Waring education (class of '95), Edith loves the interconnection between disciplines and appreciates the beauty and wonder of science and mathematics in everyday life.

When not busy with her Waring work, Edith enjoys raising two young boys with her husband, Jason. They love to be outdoors in nature and spend as much time as possible camping, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, traveling, sea-kayaking, canyoneering, distance running, and bike-riding. She is also an avid journal keeper and cook. Edith joined Waring in 2008. 

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