Dan Wellehan

Math Teacher, Science Teacher, Tutor, Camping Trip & Endterm Coordinator

Meet Dan: 

Dan teaches both biology and geometry, as well as serving as a tutor.  In addition, Dan coordinates the fall Camping Trip, as well as the spring’s Endterm program.  

He has taught biology and outdoor education, among other disciplines, in a number of local schools for the past 20 years. He has instructed for Outward Bound for over two decades, and continues to balance the school year by spending his summers on backpacking and canoe expeditions. Whether in the classroom or in the field, Dan is passionate about putting learning into practice and applying ideas to more than paper.  He majored in Geology at Bates College and has a Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dan lives in Topsfield, and is a Waring parent to Molly '27 and Sam '27.

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