Class of 2023
  • Hometown: Gloucester, MA
  • Time at Waring: Seven years
  • Favorite Class: My favorite class right now is Portraiture with KB. 
  • Favorite Waring experience: My favorite Waring experience was Junior trip with my grade. In particular cliff jumping on the last day, and hiking down from a castle to swim in a river.
  • Why no grades: I think it matters because it encourages you to take risks and then really work to understand where and why you made mistakes. Instead of just getting a number or a letter back, you get a detailed explanation of the strengths and weak points in your work and that allows you to think critically about yourself as a student and improve.
  • Favorite book and/or film: My favorite book that I've read at Waring is Beloved by Toni Morrison.
  • Why French: Because everyone speaks french together, it's a shared experience. It's also in the DNA of the school as the founders were french, so it's a through-line that goes back to the original ideas behind Waring.
  • After-school activities: I'm an FTC Captain, Soccer Captain, Debate, Student Diversity Alliance Leader, Student Advisory Council
  • Our community: It's hard to overstate the closeness of the community across grades. Every really gets to spend time with everyone else, across all grades and classes. At lunches students will on occasion voluntarily eat lunch with faculty to continue a discussion they were having in class, or just for fun. The campus is a free-flowing place where all the students can be anywhere with anybody.