Calendar Subscription Instructions

For Google Calendar and Apple Calendar Users

To subscribe using Google Calendar:

You can change the feed's name, color, etc. at any time by selecting the feed in the “Other Calendars” sidebar and choosing Options > Settings.

To subscribe using Apple Calendar on a Mac:

Important - DO NOT CLICK on the links below or you will download individual calendar events to your personal calendar and they will no longer be updated if they change. 

  • Copy the .ics link below for the calendar feed you would like to subscribe to
  • Go to Calendar and select menu File > "New Calendar Subscription..." 
  • Paste the copied iCal address into the "Calendar URL:" field and click on "Subscribe"
  • In the dialogue box, you can change the name, color, and location of the calendar feed (if you choose "iCloud" the calendar feed will also appear on your iPhone)
  • Change the Auto-refresh pop-up to "Every day"
  • Click on "OK"

You can change the feed's name, color, location, etc. at any time by selecting the feed in the Calendar sidebar and choosing File > Edit > Get Info.

.ics links for academic calendars

Waring School - Main:

College Counseling:



.ics links for athletic calendars 

Boys JV Basketball:

Boys JV Lacrosse:

Boys JV Soccer:

Boys Varsity Basketball:

Boys Varsity Lacrosse:

Boys Varsity Soccer:

Cross Country:

Girls JV Basketball:

Girls JV Lacrosse:

Girls JV Soccer:

Girls Varsity Basketball:

Girls Varsity Lacrosse:

Girls Varsity Soccer: