Class of 2024
  • Hometown: Peabody
  • Time at Waring: Five years
  • Favorite Class: Physics!
  • Favorite Waring experience: Showing up to chemistry class early (every day) last year to discuss the abstract topics I had read about the night before. My chemistry teacher was always willing to listen and I’m very thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing teachers who are incredibly passionate about what they do.
  • Why no grades: Intelligence can be quantified in so many ways and grades can only describe a small part of a learner’s experience in any given class. Having narrative evaluations allows teachers to provide a more comprehensive report of how we, as students, interact with the material- allowing us to properly digest what we are learning in a low-stakes environment, rather than stressing out over obtaining a certain grade.  
  • Why French: I am someone who it endlessly fascinated by the study of different languages. Learning french in school has only added to this interest. It’s a beautiful language and I love being able to bond over the shared experience with my peers.
  • After-school activities: At Waring, I am the novice captain of our debate team and I participate heavily in our music and theatre programs. In addition, I am an editor for Le Temps Retrouvé- our school’s newspaper. Outside of school, I conduct medical physics research at Harvard.
  • Our community: A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk about my research interests at an All-School Meeting. After this meeting, my inbox was flooded with messages from community members of all ages- each with questions or comments regarding my presentation. This moment stood out to me in particular because I had never really been in an environment like that before; one where everyone was so genuinely curious about everything!