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FLL Team Leads Community Workshop, Starts Robotics Club for Elementary Students


Earlier this week, members of Waring School’s FLL robotics team led an Introduction to Robotics workshop at Centerville Elementary School.

More than 40 young students attended the workshop to pick up the basics of EV3 coding and to learn how to computer program a robot to navigate a maze.

Because of exuberant interest in the workshop, the Waring School Brickwolves will expand the program to include a ten-session Introduction to Robotics Club for Centerville students beginning in January of 2020.

Now in their third year, following a successful 2018-19 season that culminated with a trip to the FLL World Championship, the Waring School Brickwolves are excited to share their knowledge and experience with others.

“We’re really lucky as a team to have good resources and good experience,” said Waring eighth grader Charlie Pound. “We’re extremely lucky to have the opportunity to share it with others.”

In addition to their blossoming relationship with Centerville School, the Brickwolves have also hosted the Mighty Moo-ooons FLL Team from Needham for a day of tutorials and have created a YouTube channel with FLL “how to” videos.

Check out their website to learn more about the team and watch the video below for highlights of their Centerville School workshop.

Graham Pearsall
Written by Graham Pearsall

Waring School's Communications Manager