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Voices of the Liberal Arts, Part I

Waring Teachers speak on the merits of the Liberal Arts education, and on how Waring graduates thrive on the foundation of a Waring education.

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Our small size allows us to know everybody’s names and interests. Our common passion for learning is what brings us together, and we share a close sense of belonging.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-1
Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui
Class of 2020
Waring's a place that encourages students to put themselves out there, to take risks, all the while knowing that your peers and teachers will be there every step of the way, ready to give you that extra push, or to pick you up when you fall.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-3
Phoebe Holz
Class of 2020
My favorite Waring memory is a specific day in math two years ago. Right after all the snow melted, we had class outside. We brought a portable whiteboard outside, and sat in the new grass.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-6
Caitlin Bachner
Class of 2021
I used to define myself by what my grades were, and I put so much unnecessary pressure on myself because of that. Having narrative evaluations tells me what I can work on, and helps me to set healthier and more sufficient academic goals for myself.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-5
Sarah Obeng
Class of 2020
As soon as I got to Camping Trip and saw the whole school hand-in-hand, I realized that my parents made the right choice. I realized at that moment that the wonderful community had welcomed me before I had even given them the chance.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-9
Cole Sauder
Class of 2021
French unifies us as a school. Although challenging as a beginner, the hard work pays off when you can speak French with your friends at lunch and put your skills to the test when traveling with Waring to Europe.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-7
Arianne Horan
Class of 2021
Truth be told, it's tough to figure out what grade or group someone is in. The boundaries of a group all kind of meld together because everyone is so kind and close together.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-8
Jamie Gabbay
Class of 2021
Without grades, I learned more about myself, how I communicate with others, and my presence in the classroom. Overall, a non graded curriculum has given me the tools to grow inside and outside of the classroom.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-4
Dolly Farha
Class of 2020
The people you meet here are all genuinely welcoming. They care about you and how you are doing, both students and faculty alike. I have met some of the most unusual and incredible people during my time here, all of whom I'd consider friends. We are what makes Waring the wonderful place it is.
Admissions Ambassadors 2019-2
Jack Martin
Class of 2021

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