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French Cultural Center Awards Waring Teacher Grant for “Jouons Ensemble” Project


The French Cultural Center Alliance Française of Boston and Cambridge has awarded Waring teacher Maureen Gedney’s school-wide project “Jouons Ensemble” (let’s play together) a grant of $400. The goal of this project is to create a “Jouons Ensemble” forum across the school that will bring together beginners all the way up to the more advanced students.

Typically, Waring classes do not mingle. “Jouons Ensemble” will change that by integrating games into how classes are taught, then bringing classes together to play them. These games will be used to review the vocabulary and grammar that the students have been learning and also to provide opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of French and European culture. This form of systematization will require that they think of questions, that they work with a partner or in teams, that they practice recall of vocabulary learned, that they apply their general knowledge, and that they be able to apply the vocabulary in new contexts. Waring will offer opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to come together and have fun, in French.

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