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Boys Bow Out of NEPSAC Tournament to St. Andrews


As fate would have it, Waring and St. Andrews would draw each other again in this year's NEPSAC first round match. Only this year there would be no last minute heroic performances reminiscent of last year's match up, where Waring fought back from being down 4-0, tieing the game late in regulation, winning the game in penalty kicks... No, the scoreline would read much different, as St. Andrews had something to prove after last year's defeat, and they did it in a dominating fashion.

St. Andrews jumped out to a 4-0 lead again this year, this time sealing the victory with a 9-2 win.

Jack Lindsay, Waring's head coach said after the game, "I was happy with the effort our boys gave through the final whistle. They never stopped working hard. Sports have a way of teaching us lessons that can last a lifetime. The fact that our boys never stopped battling, even when the game was out of reach, is something we can hang our hats on moving into next year."

"In the end, we played a better team, and St. Andrews deserved to win with their strong performance yesterday."

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