WaringWorks Summer Camp

A Long-established Summer Experience that Combines Learning and Fun



Create and Play Together

WaringWorks is a long-established summer experience that combines learning and fun. In the morning, campers work in-depth in one of six majors: theater, visual arts, video, science exploration, Waring in the Woods, or WaringWorks Jr. Campers end the day with recreation and whole-group activities. 

WaringWorks Majors
  • Theater
    Be part of a fun and expressive theater company. You will learn a variety of acting skills and theater techniques and then perform a play on the last day of the program. (We very well may write and present our own piece.) To be in the play, you need to commit to attend WaringWorks for at least the last two weeks of the program. (For those who are only able to do theater for less time there will still be opportunities to perform in smaller scenes.)
  • Visual Arts
    Try all sorts of media: painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, mask-making, etc. Work on your own and on group projects such as murals and camp installations. Visual arts majors are known for their wonderful exhibitions at the end of camp and their help in working on sets for the theater major.
  • Video
    Be part of a video team that writes, acts in, films, and edits its own series of video projects. Prior video experience is not necessary but will be helpful (as will your own camera). At the end of WaringWorks, we will screen our movies for the camp. The video major has limited enrollment.
  • Science Exploration
    Science Exploration is a hands on major with distinct week-long activities, all using the new Waring Makerspace. These activities may include: Robotics, Flight, Computer Programming, Solar Power, and Biology. Whatever we choose, campers will learn by doing and will also present the results of their learning in presentations to other campers.
  • Waring in the Woods
    Spend quality time outdoors–learn how to build a campfire, read a compass, construct a primitive fort, and more–all while gaining an appreciation for the natural beauty and tranquility of our woods.
  • WaringWorks Jr.
    WaringWorks Jr. is a half-day program (9:00am-1:00pm) for children ages 5-7 who love to create and explore. Our fun-filled days include building, painting, drawing, cooking, woodworking, sculpting, pretending, experimenting, and investigating the worlds of art, science, and nature. We make play houses, ice sculptures, musical instruments, costumes, and much, much more. We do astounding science experiments, play great games, and take fun filled trips. We will have lunch together daily, at times preparing the food we eat. WaringWorks Jr. is limited to 12 children, so sign up early. Seven-year-olds may participate in the full-day program by listing WaringWorks Jr. as a Major.

Summer Camp Details:

Summer 2020 dates to be announced soon.


(WaringWorks Jr. will take place from 9:00am-1:00pm)

Waring School, 35 Standley Street, Beverly

Students ages 7-14
(5-7 for WaringWorks Jr.)

Coming soon

Scholarships are available upon request. Contact summer@waringschool.org for more information.

If you would like to contribute to a scholarship fund to make the camp more accessible to those in financial need, click here to make a donation.

Becky Schaeffer, Summer Camp Administrator

Afternoon Electives:
Last year, afternoon electives included activities like chess, strategy games, soccer, improvisational theater, photography, and more. Campers will be sent a list to choose from once they have registered.