Tim Averill

Writing Teacher, Debate Coach, Tutor

Meet Tim:
Tim is a writing teacher, debate coach, and Commissioner of Waring's Bocce League. He holds BA degrees in English and French from Kansas University, a MAT degree in English from Harvard University, and a MA degree in Rhetoric and Public Address from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Tim believes that debate and discussion are vital skills needed in these times of political polarization. He has coached two national championship teams and is a member of the National Speech and Debate Association Hall of Fame. Outside of Waring, Tim enjoys reading, biking, and playing bocce. Tim loves travel, cooking, and grand-parenting four grandchildren. Tim is also a consultant for the College Board in Advanced Placement English, moderating a discussion group of 36,000 English teachers worldwide. Tim joined Waring in 2005.

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