Parent Information

Summer Info

School Hours

Monday: 8:00am – 3:20pm or 5:00pm*

Tuesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Wednesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Thursday: 8:00am – 3:20pm

Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Elective Program

*The Monday time from 3:30 to 5:00 on Mondays is called Elective Programs. This is the time when some of the traditional electives offerings which do not take place during Focus Flex will occur. This is truly intended to be elective time in that if a student is not participating in an elective during that time, he/she may leave Waring at 3:20. If a student needs to stay at school until 5:00pm for carpool reasons, there will be a study on campus. We will inform families of how to let us know of their student(s)’ pick-up choices soon.
We will be in touch with Core Families about the afternoon scheduling and offerings for the Winter Trimester-only in a separate correspondence. 

Fall Sports

  • Soccer for Core and Group 1 (Soccer cleats and shin guards)
  • Soccer/Running/Theater options for Groups 2-5
Core students on Instructional Sports Teams have the option of a 2 or 3-day sport week. If the student chooses to participate in the 2-day sports option, he/she will be dismissed at 3:00pm on Wednesdays. Students in Junior Varsity teams are required to participate in the 3-day sport week, Varsity teams 4-day sport week.

Lunch and Snacks

  • Teenagers are always hungry! Please pack a lunch and some healthy snacks. 
  • All students will have a 45-minute lunch period plus two breaks each day.
  • Tuesdays are Tutorial Lunches, so please pack a lunch that does not need to be heated in a microwave.

New and Returning Families

Summer Reading

All students must read:
  1. All-School Book
  2. Choice Book
  3. Humanities Reading

Summer Math and Calculator Information

  • Check out our Math Wiki with ideas to incorporate math into your summer!
  • Please be aware of our calculator requirements when you do your back-to-school shopping. Textbooks will be provided through our school’s rental program in September. If you have any questions about purchasing a calculator, please contact Joan at

Core Supplies

  • Core students (grades 6 and 7) will be supplied with notebooks for all subjects, in addition to a few other items (see below for specifics). Older students (grades 8-12) are free to purchase whatever style of notebook they prefer. A selection of the popular notebooks and packs of filler paper that we order from France for Core will be available for older students to purchase at the beginning of school.

Groups 1-5 Supplies

We do not have an itemized list of required school supplies for grades 8-12. We recommend each student have one notebook per class (at least 5 but your student may find a few extras to be helpful), a loose leaf graph paper notebook, a sketchbook, an assignment book, pens, and pencils. Teachers may provide more specific items that they would like students to have during the first week of school.

Health Information

  • Magnus Health Records will soon send you a welcome email so you may login to customize your student account. State law prohibits us from allowing students to attend school (including the Camping Trip and Pre-Season Sports) before this information is on record in our office.

Billing and Payment Information

  • You can access your billing and payment information by logging in to Smart Tuition.

New Families Only

Important Dates

  • Information on beginning of school activities and events.

Record Release Form for New Families

  • Please complete the Records Release Form and submit it to your student's current school (this is due ASAP).

Core Sample Notecard

  • Please download our Sample Notecard for an example of what is expected of Core students.

Communications to Parents

  • Communications will be sent to the email addresses that you provided during the admissions process. If you would like to update your email address, or you are not receiving emails from the school, please email and let us know. Parents will receive updates from the school via:

Waring Weekly Update

On the first day of every school week you will receive an email updating you on the week's events. These updates will include school events, schedule changes, and announcements about the current and upcoming week.

Head of School Newsletter

Our Head of School, Tim Bakland, writes a periodic newsletter to the Waring Community updating them on the happenings of the school.

Le Mois Prochain

Le Mois is our monthly calendar and event listing published during the school year. An email will go out on the 1st of every month letting you know that Le Mois is available for download from our Publications page.

Whom to Call

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